Instant Concept Generation
SaaS tool for instant and generative concept development for renewables starting with wind
Conceptr is SaaS tool to generate renewables concepts within minutes instead of months

Renewables development is costly

Smaller developers spend approximately 50% of resources and manual man-hours conducting resource assessment and feasibility studies to screen and mature projects.

That’s if you can do these studies yourself. Generating certain output may need specialized knowledge, which many project owners lack, hence there is an unhealthy external dependency from man-hour based engineering companies.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Siloed Project Development

Project data are usually kept in silos and as a result, employees have a hard time accessing the real-time & holistic project information easily

Disconnected Data

Desynchronized data across different workstreams leads to a lot of repetitive and menial work that may take valuable time from the project team

SaaS tool to develop, design and analyze renewable projects instantly
Global access
Access to global geospatial and satellite data combined with customized user input will give developers a lot of useful information that otherwise would have been collected manually.
User-friendly interface
Unlike other specialized existing solutions, Conceptr takes away the complexities of electrical and civil design and makes the process easy and intuitive for non-technical users.
Integrated overview
Generating integrated project information that includes relevant ESG, Economics and Technical early stage output. This will empower developers to make more holistic decisions that take all trade-offs into account.
Leveraging our unique technology, we also offer services within project development, software development/GIS and energy

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Our team
Conceptr is made up of people that are not only passionate about clean and renewable energy, but also have operational experience developing renewable energy and IT and AI projects globally
Dariush Ubaydi
Founder, CEO
4 years within oil and gas and renewable project developments (+2GW)

MSc in Strategy and Management

BA in Economics
Artem Donets
Co-founder, Interim CTO
10 years within renewable developments Design, Construction and Operation of 0.5GW PhD in Renewable Energy

MSc in Power Engineering
Maksim Kaskov
Founding Technical Lead/AI
AI, GIS and Machine Learning expert with 10+ of experience within AI startups and consultancies

Masters in Engineering and Robitics
Shams Ismatov
Software Engineer
Extensive software engineering and full stack experience within edtech and fintech startups, has founded an educational startup for language learning

BA in Software Engineering
For any questions about our product, do not hesitate to drop us a message

Pilestredet 52 OsloMet, 0167 Oslo Norway

Phone: +47 967 04 762